Rebranding of servicing organisation

Smart is a non-profit organisation offering answers to workers and administrative, legal, fiscal and financial advice. Moreover, they offer training and tools to simplify and legalise professional activities in the creative industry. Their principal goal is to assist freelance workers to develop their own activity through a secure system. Coast has rebranded the organisation.

Analysis & check up

Accompanied by the dynamic Smart team, a first phase of internal and external analysis was undertaken to set up the foundations of strategic thinking. The complete analysis highlighted the need for the simplification of the identity structure and the modification of the brand perception to be made.

Workshops revealed an open organisation offering services under strong communal ways of collaborating. Believing in new ways of working, Smart stands out as a unique partner for people looking for the right status between employee and freelance.

A new economy

Full of conviction about the future of collaborative work and an economy that succeeds for all, Smart offers a collaborative vision of work. The typeface use, the tone of voice and our straighforward design approach is about honesty and clarity.

We revealed brand values refering to the affiliates shared philosophy, from inside and outside the organization.

The identity is the translation of a human and personal approach to the world of work, and the simplified graphic system for users translates the decomplexification of the Smart service.

People, social progress, communal trust and respect are the cornerstones of the Smart organisation. The rebrand is about people and work, clarity and honesty.

A guideline was produced, a graphic guide was created, bringing together all of the brand’s intentions: its tone of voice and graphic identity.

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