Naming & branding of sound reduction product collection

Designed by Alain Gilles for Greenmood, the G-Line range is an innovative collection of moss-covered acoustic panels in four distinctive formats.The concept brings the natural world into commercial spaces by connecting busy professionals and their customers with the benefits of sustainability.

A new product needs some explanation.

Our work was to name and conceive an identity for a new type of products : 100% natural acoustic panels in different sizes and forms. The first step was to set the rules for customers to understand the benefits of the products which is a high sound reduction as well as well designed elements.

The first step was to create the G-Line name and collection. A contraction of the product brand and type of design : simples metallic lines creating forms.

The second step was to create a label reinforcing the product characteristics : The label “Moss—Acoustics” was created has a reference to the product qualities.

Graphic design

We’ve created a visual language of forms, translating the product shapes. They play a descriptive role in communication as well as a decorative role, like the product collection.

The G—Line brochure is an extended catalogue of the full potential of the brand products

Graphic design as information

The look and feel of the graphic information provided in brochures, online and on site are a combination of scientific graphs and decorative elements.

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