Wagmi Beer Lab

NFT Crypto Beer Branding — Metaverse Ready

WAGMI (We’re All Gonna Make It) BEER LAB is a brewery bridging Web3 and the physical. A handcrafted Belgian quality beer on a mission to become the number one digital beer brand, with IRL twins. Coast has envisioned the full brand experience : from creating the brand design to full product features.

A digital beer branding, NFT’s and physical products for the best of both worlds

Wagmi Beer Lab is a beer brand. Brewing their beers in Belgium, the homeland of beer creation, Wagmi Beer Lab aims to leverage cans as a tool to onboard new people to web3 and also to help NFT holders capitalize on their IP, by bringing these NFT's into the physical world. We at Coast have created a cross-world look and feel and identity to merge virtual and real as one.

Introduced at NFT.NYC in Manhattan, the brand targets key players in the web3 community in its inaugural phase. In the physical launch phase, the 6.2% New England Ipa is made available to purchase online in two version : the Hero version and the Get Your Own version.

Branding inspired by the origins of computer gaming

The brand look and feel is a wink to the origins of computer gaming with the use of an historical bitmapped typeface and radical logo. To become a reference in the world of digital brewery, the work of Coast was to envision a brand DNA at the core of the early adopters values : digital natives and gamers, thrue believers in the nature of digital independence and authenticity. To do so, we went back to the ages of space invaders and Minecraft. This approach links everything that Wagmi does : a will to embarque digital natives to the physical world and vice versa.

The Wagmi building blocks system : a W pattern, a bitmapped typeface, and a playground for creation. Adopted on all branding elements, the digical vocabulary maintains brand concistency on digital and physical platforms.

The system use the identity as a grid platform of expression, multiplying the grid and consolidating the digital world and the physical world into one clear experience. The “W” pattern system is applied to all NFT versions of the beer family. At the same time, the design system is applied on physical products.

The creation of a digical vocabulary : To bridge “digital” and “physical” into one concistent experience, Coast created the concept of the “Wagmi building blocks system”.

A creative playground for a playful community

The Hero can : a “never in this world” physical product

The crown of the product range is the Hero can. Created to be at the forefront of the categories, the Wagmi Hero beer is a 6.2% New England Ipa brewed in Belgium. The design is using the “Wagmi building blocks system” and was created as a 3D NFT version. The physical version is a 8 color print can using neon and chrome colors to highlight a “never in this world” approach : colors are unappropriate for the food industry, there is no brand or product name element on the facing, and there are no key marketing features except a QR Code.

We envisioned the product to live its life digitally and physically, but clearly addressed this message to the physical market : we come from the digital world.

The “Get Your Own” Can : a personal version

Individual NFT holders can upload their NFT and create their very own WAGMI Beer can which can be forged in a physical 6-pack, home delivered. We have developped for this a specific custom layout where all original uploaded NFT’s play a central role on the cans. The design is also using the “Wagmi building blocks system” with another grid than the HERO can. This beer has a 3D NFT version as well as a physical version. With this asset, Wagmi Beer Lab as the mission to Help NFT holders capitalize on their IP, by bringing these NFTs into the physical world.

Wagmi Beer Lab has the mission to Help NFT holders capitalize on their IP, by bringing these NFTs into the physical world. The W pattern is transformed into a stage for NFT olders to get a physical version of their own private NFT.

Wagmi Beer Lab aims to create a community of holders that will be able to capitalise on their blue chip NFT’s. By creating their popular limited edition version, Wagmi Beer Lab will allow owners to become stakeholders and be part of the benefits. Go to wagmibeerlab.xyz to find out more

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