Anti-aging retail experience branding and interiors

Okinaha was founded in 2011 by Jean Rousseau, a former pharmacist for more than 35 years, and was the first holistic store for anti-aging in Belgium, bringing value to a business in high progression. Coast created the name, branding and architecture story for this store located in Waterloo, Belgium.

Asian influences

Our goal for creating this new brand was to develop a concept based on the vision of longevity and purity, with a strong influence of Okinawa, the japanese island where people have a life expectancy among the highest in the world. To brand the promise, all of our creative output was inspired by luxurious purity and oriental simplicity, allowing the customer to relax while shopping for health.

Architecture, in partnership with the architecture office AsBuilt is an interpretation of the codes of well-being in combination with those applied in the health sector.

The forest area symbolizes nature and longevity.

Space division

the store was divided into 5 distinct spaces whose circulation allows a rhythmic visit: the beauty lines, the library, the food nutriments, the central event space and the cash register.

The graphic identity completes a brand signature symbolizing well-being and health. Combined with the different elements of the brand such as the brochure of the 7 anti-aging secrets, Okinaha is positioned as a benchmark in the discipline.

The anti aging brochure

Written and designed to reflect the philosophy of the store, the brochure is graciously given during the visit to the store, promoting Okinaha as a place for sharing and exchanging knowledge.

Visual feed

Photography is a translation of the anti - aging concept through different channels: the anti - aging brochure, the website and digital communication elements. Each image relates to elementary elements present in the anti - aging philosophy: water, air, flexibility, nutrition, stress...

The product line

A line of nutritional supplements was also studied. The packaging devised for this highlighted the principle of the brand: the combination of essential nutriments with specific results.

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