Mas Moustache

Wines for family and friends

The story of Mas Moustache starts in the South French department of Herault and is a part of the Dourbie wine estate. Mas Moustache is a family of wines that embodies the easy-going savour of dining with friends and family, a cool and unpretentious moment to cherish together.

A brand and creative approach blending Mas Moustache’s relaxed, kind and comfy vibes. Labels share a common layout theme, aligned on all wines of the Domain’s family.

Keeping a sharp eye on sustainability, Mas Moustache organic wines embody the new wine attitude of Occitany. Mas Moustache is a soulful, timeless, unapologetically French line of natural wines produced on historical plots. Home to family owned vineyards that yield fine wines and flower fields, the Dourbie estate climate and landscape has shaped it to one of the wine industry’s epicenters.

The design elements of the labels are instrumental in conveying the identity. Elegant yet approachable, they feature a customised moustache and typography that suggest an inviting, communal experience. Each bottle becomes a symbol of shared moments, making it an ideal choice for gatherings. This visual language is complemented by a tone of voice that is both sophisticated and welcoming, reinforcing the brand’s accessible luxury.

Furthermore, the brand’s welcoming attitude is a key driver of its market potential. In an industry often perceived as exclusive, our brand’s approachable and friendly demeanor differentiates it, appealing to a broad audience. This inclusive approach, combined with the brand’s high-quality product, ensures widespread appeal and robust sales. By marrying tradition with modernity and complexity with simplicity, our wine brand is poised to become a beloved fixture in homes and celebrations alike.

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