Naming, Branding & Digital for Investment fund & Incubator

Industrya is a new and hybrid actor in the industrial sector. Both investment fund and incubator, its mission is to nurture future evolution in the sector, playing a role of a start up and scaled up nest. Coast has created for them their name, brand attitude and digital experience.

First, we found a name

To become a reference in the industrial sector, the name needed to look, sound and feel innovative and referencial at the same time. The word "industry" came as an evidence.

Industrya with is solid structure inside a panel of highly qualified partners is at the core of the industry change taking place at the moment. We wanted to create a logotype that defined its platform : at the intersection of industry and ideas.

A platform logotype

Symbolising the creativity behind industry innovation, the Y logotype is assembled like a platform

We have also worked out a system of images

Related to industry innovation and inspired by works of incubators, the image world of Industrya is about positive results, impact on people and the environment.

Icons have been designed to reflect the different sectors and themes industrya is prioritising. Working as a synthesis of concepts, those icons were custom designed and have a direct design link to the brand iconic logotype.

Design codes are relevant to the industrial audience and targeted to innovative start-ups in the 4.0 industry sector

The communication tools include brochures, website and collaterals designed to be clear

The identity flow runs on all communication elements. With a detailled approach and result oriented graphics, the overall look and feel is contemporary.

The website synthesized the brand. We worked on this hand in hand with the Industrya management team to develop a tool for start ups, scale ups and investors.

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