Scented candles branding and packaging

Established in Brussels and relocated in Miami, Florida, this French family - owned brand produces high quality scented candles. A master perfumer from Grasse creates all scents, while the production takes place in the workshop family. Coast developed an extensive packaging system, as well as their brand program.

Craft & family story

The essence of the expression of the brand is a combination of French modernism and values of craftsmanship. This together creates a balance between luxury and commodity, while keeping the traditional elegance nature of the brand.

The product range is a mix of sizes, colours and scents. The graphic alphabet of items has been devised as this : a classification of possibilities

For best transportation, we’ve devised a box system solid enough to face worldwide delivery. Elegant as the product, the packaging system is made from solid cardboard and a selection of premium papers. Stamped on each box, the scent name and colour.

The brand still grows

Based in Miami, Alixx extends its range beyond scented candles and currently offers both scented sticks and a line of perfumes created by Alix, the founder

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