Action + Service

Branding for production company

Action+Service is a company providing the highest standards in production for fashion & interiors. With a wide portfolio of clients including Thom Browne, Hermes, Moncler, Delvaux, Lanvin & Dries Van Notten, they push themselves at 101% for excellence. We have created for them a playful identity under the performance theme.

A quality stamp

Action and Service is about experience, speed, quality and trust. We have created for them a logotype like a quality stamp. When applied, it serves as a label for trust. With its bright and translucent color effect, it can be used on all materials and platforms.

A playful identity

With the objective to create a flexible system easy to use for the company, we have created an identity system with 3 consistent elements : a stamp logotype, typographic rules and pictograms.

The identity system is a combination of rhythmic lines and pictograms. Informative and descriptive, the system is flexible and playful at the same time.

Indoor, outdoor

Inside-out the identity is a reference to the production service the company provides. We applied in their offices an identity wallpaper as a backdrop to their demanding business.

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