A celebration of nightlife in Belgium 

More than just a database of nightlife places and nightlife activities, embraced different aspects of night time life throught art, fashion, music and social events. Coast was commissioned to design, develop an create and promote a website platform devoted to Nightlife in Belgium. 

Identity, design & communication before the facebook years
Central to the identity is the logotype with its black & white geometric forms, the website and its applications. To bring the Nightlife brand into life, Coast devised, developped and designed a book manifesto, aiming to bring a different point of view on nightlife in Belgium. The book was designed as a nightlife object : dark, sensitive, sexual. The cover was made from neoprene, with a debossing of elements of the Nightlife logotype. With a content of 140 pages, the Nightlife book illustrated the expression of the quality of nightlife, its people, its places, its art. Specific nights were also conceived, like the launch party with live act and visual interactive projections.