Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee (named in discreet homage to Ricardo Villalobos’ Easy Lee) alone boldly carries the aspirations of this young Brussels-based label into the world: the quest for a certain idea of desire and beauty, translated in music that is both carnal and incisive. Lucy Lee launches in the direction of her target: a contemporary club spirit that prefers to cultivate the mixing of genres, to favour cross-pollination and to merge tracks and scenes, DJ sets and concerts. 

Design for music
Translated in image, the manifesto of Lucy Lee has been bathed in Coast’s graphical universe. While clearly inspired by the minimal classics (Bauhaus, Peter Saville), their work doesn’t neglect what likes behind the lines, life and its palpitations: each record cover exposes in sculptural precision, a human body part, an extract of skin... Like an eternally unfinished piece of music that feeds the thirst.