Developped by two young entrepreneurs from Antwerp, Komono is the low-cost/high-quality to big streetwear accessories brands. They have developped a range of fashion product with groundbreaking prices without cutting costs on innovation, quality and style. Multiple color talking or calculator watches, multiple color sunglasses and a collection of flashy boxers shorts is Komono.

A brand for the Millennial Generation
Coast commitment to details and understanding of the market has lead us to creating a brand articulated under the banner of a geometric sign. Komono is total and pure so is the identity : a vision that will be translated in all brand appearence from advertising to packaging. The first guardian of the brand is the packaging system divised on the die-cut logotype. The brand has been launched in 2009 and is in continuous progression with a portfolio of more than 100 products and a territory of 35 countries worldwide.

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