SMart (acronym for Mutual Society of Artists) was born in response to the growing demand of artists faced with the difficulties of managing their status and their activities. Founded in 1998, SMart's ambition from the outset is to offer professionals in the artistic sector (creators as technicians) solutions to register their work more easily in a legal framework guaranteeing them better social security. At the time, the founders of the association wanted to discharge the members of a daily administrative management often complex and time consuming. After 15 years of economic growth, it fades in 2012. A new management team is putting in place a restructuring plan aimed at both the financial recovery, but also the renewal of a permanent dialogue with the community. It is in this context that the SMart in Progress collective brainstorming process was launched in 2015, which led to the transformation of Smart into a cooperative society and the overall redefinition of the project. This process is formalized in a 'SMart 2020' strategic orientation plan.

Coast stepped in the process to rebrand. After analysing and internal consulting, Smart has been redefined as a shared company, putting communal values, skills and people at the core of the business.