La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Coast – in partnership with Delacroix&Friant – worked for La Grande Epicerie de Paris as their lead creative agency to set a vision for the brand and their global rethinking. The ambition : to transform the iconic parisian institution into a world class food destination ; a blueprint of a brand built for the international market. 

A vision for a food institution
The first step consisted in generating a strong and authentic story. One that would embrace the proud heritage of a french pioneer but lean forward to the future. The story is based on the french and parisian heritage of La Grande Epicerie de Paris, embracing luxury and “savoir vivre à la française” as a corner stone of the brand. We also added a futureproof approach to the brand, leading them to a global understanding of new consumer values for the next 10 years. 

New consumer touchpoints have also been devised, such as the intelligent trolley allowing clients to shop conscientiously. New ways of producing food were also proposed, such as the creation of a Grande Epicerie biological farm.