Glory Glory charity poster

Coast was asked to participate to Glory Glory, a non profit poster exhibition and book of graphic poster art based on the theme of football chants. Contributors including Music, SEA, NB Studio, The Designers Republic and Wim Crowel were asked to create a A1 poster on a team of their choice. We choose to promote our fantastic Belgium football team with one of our well know local star "Le Grand Jojo". The chant, called "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, We are the champions" was created in 1985 for RSCA Anderlecht as "Allez, Allez, Allez, Allez, We are the champions" but it is in 1986 that the mexican version accompagned the red devils to the semi finals of the world cup! 

Two posters versions were created : one for Anderlecht (purple, the color of the team), and one for the belgium team (red for the red devils).

The show was held in London this August at Hoxton Arches. All submissions are available for sale at the event, with all proceeds going towards British Blind Sport, a charity enabling the visually impaired to enjoy playing sport.